Cloud Nine Salon & Spa

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The Rundown

C9 is the regional leader in style and beauty with multiple locations across the Ohio Valley. C9 came to us looking for a top-to-bottom rebranding, including taking a fresh look at their social media, content, and advertising over a six month timeline to work in conjunction with the launch of a new location in Wheeling, WV.


The Identity

The Icon Swirl.

We wanted to create an identity that played with their values of creativity, evolution & growth, and a feeling of playfulness and professionalism that goes into everything they do as a team. This swirl is meant to capture those complex values quickly as you move across the page -- a universe being created right before your eyes.

The Branded Stamp.

Telling a visual story isn't difficult. Telling a visual story in less than a second is more difficult. The updated C9 is fast; simple; and modern, and when juxtaposed against the more playful swirl as a background, you have a balanced visual identity that encompasses their brand values.

The Font Choice

We chose to use a font family that's no-nonsense, clean, sharp, and straight to the point. By playing with line weight and the utilization of a "+", we created a wordmark that can be paired with the logomark or stand on its own.

The Colors. 

It's bright. It's playful. It's bold. It's yellow. Take a trip to Cloud 9 and tell us they should be a different color. If you disagree, you're wrong.



We had six months to make a difference, so we set out to build a strong foundation. We updated Cloud Nine's visual identity, created video content that could be replicated, and built internal communications to build a more consistent brand experience.



The Social


The process


  • Brand Strategy

  • Market Research

  • Client Interviews


  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging

  • Style Guide


  • Social Video

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • In-Shop Experience


The Videos


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