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Nathan Daniel Blake




Nathan grew up in an Indiana town, had a good looking mamma ...

Sorry, wrong intro.

Nathan Daniel Blake grew up in the shadow of a declining Appalachian Rust Belt, an environment ripe with the memory and stories of better times. And within that soft decline, he never stopped believing in what could be once again.

Today, he serves as the Managing Director and Chief Copywriter at Folklore which he co-founded with his wife Yolanda in 2019.


He holds undergraduate degrees in Writing as well as Education from West Liberty University and a graduate degree in Communication from West Virginia University, but he credits learning to enjoy the rhythm of work to the three years he spent apprenticing as a stone mason after he graduated.


And after all that, in his mid-thirties, he found his passion and calling putting skin on the dreams and missions of those around him, first as a copywriter and later as a brand strategist.


If he was given a soap box, a TED Talk, or simply one too many Bourbons at a cocktail party, you'd most likely hear him pontificating on the importance of well told stories in human history and being mindfully intentional about owning your own.


His family is his legacy. His kids do not think he's funny.

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